Friday, October 23, 2009

In Class exercises for today

Pick up where we left off last week where students take an image from fine art, film or photography history and use it as the basis for an idea for a videogame.

In class exercise 2:

Think of an idea for a game that permits the player to construct something you have not seen in commercial games (no cities, buildings or vehicles). Assume that you will constrain the players abilities via an economy but allow him to earn new tools and features for his construction over time.

Design a set of elementary parts from which the item may be constructed and specify a price for each part.

Include a number of upgrades - more expensive parts that replace cheaper versions.


Write a short paper (2 paragraphs) explaining the domain in which the player will be creating and supply your list of parts, given them in the order in which the player will earn the ability to buy them (cheapest to most expensive).

Also indicate in a general way how the player can use the item he constructs to earn money.

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