Friday, October 16, 2009

In Class Assignment 10/15 GAME WORLD DESIGN

1) Imagine that you could use any content you liked in a game without regard for copyright. Choose one of hte following game genres and then select a famous painter,photographer, or film maker, and a famour composer or musician, whose work you would like to use to create the appropriate emotional tone for your game.

Create a short presentation (e.g. use Powerpoint or similar) that shows how the images and the music work together for your purposes. The genres are:

ACTION (survival horror sub-genre)

REAL-TIME STRATEGY (modern warfare)


Feel free to use google to search for images from fine art history, photography, painting. You can use the sites of the major galleries around the world - e.g. Tate gallery, museum of modern art, Guggenheim Gallery, or wikipedia - assemble a number of images and put together a presentation on a game based on one or more of these images.

This link has links to the major Art Galleries of the world

Post your finished presentation to your blog using google docs 'share' function (it gives you a URL when you have uploaded your file; - post this URL to your presentation on your blog.

Email me the blog address -

1) Complete the rule set for your group's "Us VS It" game

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