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Film for 10/30/09

"The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters"

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
is an American documentary film that follows Steve Wiebe as he tries to take the world high score for the arcade game Donkey Kong from reigning champion Billy Mitchell. The film premiered January 22, 2007, at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival[1] and has been shown at the Newport Beach Film Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival, the SXSW Film Festival, the TriBeCa Film Festival, the True/False Film Festival, the Aspen Comedy Festival, and the Fantasia Festival. The film opened in limited release in the United States on August 17, 2007, in 5 theaters, and by September 9, 2007, the film had expanded to 39 theaters in the U.S.[2] Later in 2007, it appeared on the cable network G4.

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David Cox's gmail address for class items


Please use the below address to send me Game 100 related items:



Lecture: Urban Planning, Architecture and Video Game Space

This week & next week:

D.Cox will discuss basic spatial theory lecture comparing classic film texts such as Hitchcock's "Rear Window", "Dial M for Murder" as well as films such as "Dark Passage", "Sunset Boulevard" and "Blue Velvet" to video-games which rely for their effectiveness upon the user 'knowing their way around' the game environment as if it were actual space.
How cues such as sound, shadow, and other elements reinforce a player's sense of
"being somewhere" in “HALO“, “FAR CRY“, SILENT HILL, RESIDENT EVIL, "Myst", "Freak Show", "Bad Day on the Midway" and "Cosmology of Kyoto".

YouTube - David Perry: Will videogames become better than life? Game designer David Perry says tomorrow's videogames will be more than mere fun to the next generation of gamers. They'll be lush, complex...
YouTube - Rear Window (1954) pt.1/11
part one
YouTube - Sunset Boulevard (Wilder, 1950)
dir. Billy Wildermusic from Salome by Richard Strauss
YouTube - Dark Passage (1947) Trailer

Dark Passage (1947) Director: Delmer DavesStarring: Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Agnes MooreheadComments: One of the first uses of POV in film. The first ...
YouTube - Dark Passage (1947)
. . . just a scene.
YouTube - Blue Velvet Part 1

YouTube - Rollercoaster tycoon 2 coaster design Please, visid my site! =DThis is my first video I made with Windows movie maker. Now my vidieos have sound.This song is called: Club...
YouTube - A Hearts Desire- Using The Movies Lionhead Studios
Before any of you ask, no this is not a sims 2 game :P This short flick was made using the PC game The Movies. But I must admitt, this movie looks like it co...
YouTube - (Lionhead Studios The Movies) The RueBS Chronicles: Attack of the Clones
Rubeus Eden is at it again. And this time, he thinks I have a bunch of clones and kill his civilians.Done with Lionhead Studio's "The Movies." Th...

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In 2 weeks on Friday, Nov 6, 2009

Completed Item 2 Projects due - remainder of time between the start of Nov
and the end of the course will be troubleshooting main assignments.

Also - Written "Cultural Issues" Essay Due

In Class exercises for today

Pick up where we left off last week where students take an image from fine art, film or photography history and use it as the basis for an idea for a videogame.

In class exercise 2:

Think of an idea for a game that permits the player to construct something you have not seen in commercial games (no cities, buildings or vehicles). Assume that you will constrain the players abilities via an economy but allow him to earn new tools and features for his construction over time.

Design a set of elementary parts from which the item may be constructed and specify a price for each part.

Include a number of upgrades - more expensive parts that replace cheaper versions.


Write a short paper (2 paragraphs) explaining the domain in which the player will be creating and supply your list of parts, given them in the order in which the player will earn the ability to buy them (cheapest to most expensive).

Also indicate in a general way how the player can use the item he constructs to earn money.

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In Class Assignment 10/15 GAME WORLD DESIGN

1) Imagine that you could use any content you liked in a game without regard for copyright. Choose one of hte following game genres and then select a famous painter,photographer, or film maker, and a famour composer or musician, whose work you would like to use to create the appropriate emotional tone for your game.

Create a short presentation (e.g. use Powerpoint or similar) that shows how the images and the music work together for your purposes. The genres are:

ACTION (survival horror sub-genre)

REAL-TIME STRATEGY (modern warfare)


Feel free to use google to search for images from fine art history, photography, painting. You can use the sites of the major galleries around the world - e.g. Tate gallery, museum of modern art, Guggenheim Gallery, or wikipedia - assemble a number of images and put together a presentation on a game based on one or more of these images.

This link has links to the major Art Galleries of the world

Post your finished presentation to your blog using google docs 'share' function (it gives you a URL when you have uploaded your file; - post this URL to your presentation on your blog.

Email me the blog address -

1) Complete the rule set for your group's "Us VS It" game

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Next week's class - on 10/9/09

Next week lecture – GAME CONCEPTS

Presentations –

In-class exercise “Us vs It” board game – collaborative game design assignment

Homework – each team to assign a member to put game elements on cardboard & cut out ready for next week

Complete ‘level design’ list as outlined in this week’s blog entry for in-class ex.

Chapter 2 Ernest Adams lecture powerpoint

Click here for the powerpoint from today's lecture on chapter 2 of Ernest Adam's "Fundamentals of Game Design"

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Interview with Shigero Miramoto

Click here to view a October 2002 Interview with Shigeru Miyamoto, game footage includes Zelda: The Wind Walker, Metroid Prime and Animal Crossing.

Questions asked about if his family and children influences his design, about how now he oversees games and if that takes away from the more hands on role he had previously. Then moving onto the new Metroid (Prime) game and if it would be more open like previous Metroid games, then if Japanese players would respect the first person view, and his role in it. He is then asked about how the idea for Animal Crossing (NGC) came across. Then moving onto Zelda (The Wind Walker), and if it is the first chronologically, then if so how come he has a sister and she disappears in "later" games. He then gets asked about how come there seems to be a lot of emphasis on co-operative play in his games.

Wiki entry on Miramoto

Videogame design interview

Click here to view the interview with Masahiro Kumono of SEGA WOW Inc., about Kunoichi (Japanese release name, roughly: "Female Ninja") / Nightshade (English release name), from October 2003.

Questions are all about the game, and its design. Footage includes that from the game's CD sequences, and some gameplay (the game was near release at the time).

Kikizo's page on this video is here

Videogame-related footage taken from Kikizo's archives.
[Thanks to for donating this footage.]

In Class Assignment 10/2

Document the level progression of a well known game that you have played all the way through, such as StarCraft or Fallout3. (If the game does not have explicit levels, as in Half-Life, document major areas or sections of the game.) Describe the game world in each level and the types of challenges that it presents. If the levels are integrated into a story, explain how each level supports or relates to the story.