Friday, September 4, 2009

Gmail Tasks


Please today if you have not already done so - set up the following:

1) A Gmail Account - go to to start an account. You will need an existing email account to use to verify your password etc.

2) Using your gmail account, try the following services that come with it -

a) google docs - make a text doc and save it, make a simple presentation doc and save it.

b) start a google site - you can make as many of these as you like, but start by making one based on this class e.g. "My Exploring Game Worlds" site. Add some graphics (you can link to those which already exist on the web by adding the URL for the image) and try adding a link to a youtube clip, preferable games-related.

c) start a blog at - give a name like "your_name_exploring_game_worlds". This blog will be your weekly repository of notes, comments, links, and any other material you generate for the course for you as an individual. When you work with others, you can collaborate with them on google docs, google sites, and even blogs.

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